LKYSUNZ offers $600m to enter new team into Formula 1

In the round-up: Aspiring F1 entrant LKYSUNZ claims it has secured backing worth $1 billion (£810,000).

In brief

LZY SUNZ offers $600 million to enter F1

Asian-based motorsport project LKYSUNZ, which announced its aim to enter a team in Formula 1 four months ago, says it has secured new financial backing.

CEO Benjamin Durand, who was previously behind another planned F1 entry known as Panthera, said they are prepared to exceed the $200 million anti-dilution fee new entrants are required to pay.

“LKYSUNZ are prepared to meet the teams’ request and pay a $600m anti-dilution payment despite this current cycle of the financial regulations stating $200m,” said Durand. “We look forward to continuing our positive discussions with the FIA and are thrilled by our partners’ financial backing.”

The FIA is yet to announce the outcome of its application process for new teams it launched in February. LKYSUNZ is one of several knows potential entrants along with Andretti Global, Formula Equal and Hitech.

Tsunoda hopes to bounce back after repeat retirements

AlphaTauri driver Yuki Tsunoda says he is hopeful he will enjoy a good weekend at his home grand prix after retiring very early in the last two grands prix.

Tsunoda was eliminated from the opening lap of the Singapore Grand Prix after being hit by Sergio Perez. This came after he did not make the start of the Italian Grand Prix after a power unit problem on the formation lap.

“I just put it down to misfortune, especially Monza was something I couldn’t really control,” Tsunoda said. “Singapore, obviously there was a bit of room to improve myself but also just didn’t work out in the end, just things that also happened that I cannot really control as well.

“So I’ll just reset. I take it positively, just hopefully I digest every bad luck from there. Hopefully I can have a good race week here. So I’ll just reset and think positive.”

Piastri keeping Norris honest

Lando Norris admits he has been pushed by his latest team mate since Piastri joined McLaren this year.

Piastri signed a contract extension with McLaren this week, keeping him at the team until the end of 2026. The rookie has kept much closer to Norris than his previous team mate Daniel Ricciardo did over their two seasons together.

“He’s performed, he’s done everything he’s needed to and probably exceeded most people’s expectations from what he’s been able to achieve already this season,” Norris said of his team mate.

“He’s pushed me a lot. And it’s not a nice thing. It’s not what I want. But yeah, he’s done a really good job. So congrats to him for another few years.”

Honda rebrands US motorsport division

Honda’s US-based Honda Performance Development division, whose motorsport activities include its IndyCar programme, will be known as Honda Racing Corporation USA from next year. The move will bring it into line with the Japan-based Honda Racing Corporation which supports Red Bull’s F1 power unit programme.

“Our goal is to increase the HRC brand and sustain the success of our racing activities and we believe that uniting Honda motorsports globally as one racing organisation will help achieve that,” said HRC Japan president Koji Watanabe. “Our race engineers in the US and Japan will be stronger together and I am so happy to welcome our US associates to the HRC team.”

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